Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tugboat at Monday's dog park outing

I think it's called the Northern Tail Dog Park, but whatever — Tugboat, Digby, Sassy (the new foster) and I had a good time Monday. We went after work, which apparently was a hot time as the place was hopping, literally. A young collie, an Airedale, a beagle and other canines filled the park. Tugboat mostly went up to people to get his bum rubbed, but Digby and Sassy engaged in more active pursuits, such as chasing and being chased.
We will try to go again today.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tugboat at Aviation Day

Tugboat had a good Sunday, or at least it's what I think should have been a good Sunday. I took him to Aviation Day at Mason Jewett Airfield, where he enjoyed mingling with the crowd, sharing a steak dinner with me and lying down and panting by a soybean field. I wish he could have taken a helicopter ride, assuming it could have gotten off the ground!
Later in the day Tugboat, Digby, foster Sassy and I went to the East Lansing dog park where there were two other bulldogs! Both were much smaller than Tugboat. He showed interest at first, then was indifferent. It might have been too hot, but there was plenty of water and shade around.
Later at night at home when I was trying to watch the Olympics, Tugboat showed his gratitude by annoying me and barking almost every time I sat on the couch to relax. I didn't take it well. I feel bad when I become angry with him, but dogs are like kids. You love them, yet they have the propensity to annoy at the worst times. Well, we all settled down at last.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wild at night

Just when I think Tugboat is really slowing down, he doesn't, especially some nights when I'm really slowing down for the day. Our biorhythms aren't always in sync, but we make adjustments, especially when I yell "Shut up!" Then I feel guilty. I like it when Digby can get him to play. But I must remember that someday when he's gone I'll miss being pestered. Maybe not every single time, but I'll miss rubbing his wrinkly forehead.
I think I will have to give him a forehead rub when I get home from work.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tugboat with new foster

Sassy is a 10-month-0ld border collie/terrier mix that has weasel-like tendencies in that she can squeeze through a 5-inch gap in the door and run away. Tugboat can't catch her, but doesn't try anyway. Therefore I have to go after her.
However, she is good at getting Tugboat to play and can be rougher than Digby. It's good for Tug's big heart!