Monday, August 31, 2009

Two little bulldogs

There were two puppy bulldogs, 4-month-old Hamlet and 5-month-old Harley, at the Northern Tail Dog Park today. What are the odds? Made me really miss Tugboat, particularly when he was that piglet-sized. Harley got into the spirit eventually, and frolicked with Hamlet, who really likes chasing (at a quick speed for a bulldog) the other dogs. Along with SusieQ, two pugs named Lily and Louie (not sure of the name spelling) and a boxer of unknown moniker, it was a brachycephalic night. That translates to lots of squishy-faced dogs!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Business cards

I had some business cards printed with this blog's URL so folks who frequent Northern Tail can post announcements, rave, complain or whatever here. It has Tugboat's precious face, of course! Anyway, the announcement for Aug. 15 is: It's skanky on one end, but dry at the entrance! Plus, a few tennis balls have survived last weekend's rains.