Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to Bulldog Days

Greetings to you. You have either accidentally stumbled upon this, my inaugural blog, or did a search for "bullldog" and found it that way. Either way, welcome.
I am the owner of Tugboat, a bulldog who's been on the planet for 8 1/2 years. Bulldog years are more like computer years than dog years. They aren't the longest-lived of breeds, given their plethora of health problems, so making it to double digits is more than swell.
Tugboat passed through the doors of my former apartment at about 7 weeks old, resembling more an overgrown rabbit than a bulldog puppy. He also soiled my bed right away. No surprise there.
We clicked right away, though, and it's been an enjoyable, if somewhat exasperating at times, journey.
More later on the 'Boat.

1 comment:

TinaBeada said...

Tugboat, you handsome fella. How lucky you are to have a pet like Christie! And, your buddie Diggidie Dog aint to bad looking either. However, as we all know...there is nobody as handsome as The Boat.
You are so lucky that all you have to do in the morning is splash a little of that swamp water behind your ears and you are good to go!