Monday, July 7, 2008

Tugboat on the Fourth of July

We opted not to go for the fireworks in Mason, Michigan this year. Since they were out of town, I decided I didn't want to wait the hour and a half. Maybe next year; last year was fun.
Anyway, Tugboat was a big hit at the Fourth of July parade. I spoiled him with cheeseburgers and bottled water, and he got to lie down in nice sod, or at least grass that's a lot lusher than our lawn.
He also only barked a few times during a cannon rededication ceremony.
As usual, people stopped me to ask about him. Since the mascot of Mason High School is the bulldog, kids made note of that.
I take Tugboat to as many of these events as I can (cheeseburgers and a cool sidewalk are a bonus).

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