Friday, May 20, 2011

New foster!

I am now the proud owner, or temporary guardian, of Angel, who happens to be one-third bulldog (the other ingredients are Boston terrier and pitbull terrier). It's quite the combo. She's a sweetie who loves to snuggle and rest her head on my head, sometimes simultaneously snoring. However, Angel's still a bit undisciplined, so we're working on that. After great soul-searching, I decided to close the door of my spare room because it contains too many vulnerable stuffed animals.
Anyway, Angel, Digby, SusieQ and I had a very fun day at the dog park on May 19. They frolicked near the pond that's really full because of the recent heavy rains. Plus, many gray tree frogs and toads were out, spewing their spring songs. Angel played tug-of-war with a vine with another dog and showed great interest in other dogs' rough-housing. More fun to come, I'm sure.

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