Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Digby's new friend

Kitty-corner, or should I say doggy-corner, from our house is Zephyr's house. He's a black lab whose a big galoomp and friendly. Digby took to him right away and whimpers when the Big Z is outside on his porch. I have no great clue as to why Digby likes some dogs right away and others not so much. He does seem to have a preference for black dogs, as well as old and infirmed ones (not a threat). Susie, of course, is fine with the whole setup, because she likes just about everybody.

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Sue Bothast Lee said...

It's interesting, isn't it? Our Mastiff Ozzy had three canine neighbors but only took to the Chow mix whose name was Cody. When Cody died, Ozzy waited for him at the fence for a long time and he never really took to the other two.