Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The household gets a new addition

Sherwin the cocker spaniel is our latest foster dog. He has an old-man face and a summer haircut, which I plan to let grow out. Sherwin used to be called Flame, but that name, to me, more aptly describes a flashier breed, or at least one with a red coat.
Sherwin is very friendly, but is an incessant whiner and barker, and I'm not always sure why. He's a bed hog, though, so that means Tugboat probably won't be sleeping with me anytime soon (three dogs and a human are a tight fit on a twin bed).
I plan to work on the whining/barking, but it might stop as Sherwin gets used to his new digs.
Tugboat and Sherwin each is a bit on the alpha side, but Tugboat usually wins. Make that always wins.
More later ...


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Congratulations Christie!
Sherwin is one lucky puppy coming home with you!
I am excited to hear all about him as you all settle in.
Melissa and Emmitt

Christie said...

The pillow sheet and notepad came in the mail. They're great!