Monday, March 9, 2009

More on The 'Boat

Tugboat's remains have been returned to me, and they rest in his memorial room in a wooden box. What also "tugs" at me are the many bulldog statues in the room's "bulldog shrine."
I decided to keep SusieQ, but no dog will ever really replace Tugboat in my heart. It's like Dorothy Gale saying goodbye to the Scarecrow: "I think I'll miss YOU the most."


Lou said...

Hi Christie,
I read your story about Tugboat in the Enterprise. I am looking at his picture as I write this and I am so sorry that you lost such an incredible companion. I have an incredible 7 year old Pug companion that we rescued when he was 1. Your story really touched my heart and made me cry (it's ok though). I have been thinking about the day when I will no longer laugh out loud because of some crazy, incredibly cute thing that Pugsley does. I really can't imagine our house with out him snorting around. Your article has made me appreciate his presence even more than I already do. Thank you for that.
I wish you peace and comfort with all your sweet memories of your beloved Tugboat.

Christie said...

Thank you. I have a pug now, who snorts and snores really loud sometimes. Still, nothing will replace Tugboat.